Reimo Drive Away Awnings- All You Need to Know!

June 14, 2017, Blog Drive Away Awnings

Reimo Drive Away Awnings are one of the practical ways to extend your space in your campervan or motorhome. Learn all about Drive Away Awnings from application and advantages to tips for using your Drive Away Awning.

Camperco's range of Reimo Drive Away Awnings are one of the great and practical ways to increase your living space on your motorhome and campervan road trip. The campervan awning should open as a tent like structure from the attached rail, and is made so that it can easily slip on and off your camper.

There are plenty of options to choose from for your Drive Away Awning and you can find a perfect match to your needs on our specialised Drive Away Awning page.  With prices starting from just £210, why not find the perfect campervan or motorhome awning and get it fitted and ready for your next big adventure?

To assist you on your way we’ve put together some practical information and tips for your awning...

How to use it?

Reimo Drive Away Awning Kit

Your campervan or motorhome, to begin with, should have an awning rail attached. This will allow you to easily slip your Drive Away Awning on and off. Depending on the rail your awning can either slide onto a pre sunk channel rail or connect directly onto your camper.  Knowing which rail to attach will depend on the size of your vehicle. For some idea you can check the various rails we have available in our online shop.

Alternatively you can always strap your awning to your campervan or use the guidelines to attach to roof tracks on your camper. Your awning should then easily pull out so that it can set up.

Best Uses for Drive Away Awnings

Reimo Drive Away Awnings Spec

Many campers consider motorhome and campervan awnings an essential part of the outdoor experience for a number of reasons. These include:

Additional space

With a Drive Away Awning, motorhomes and campervans can be more spacious.  So you can happily live in them and not feel too cramped. Some campers will prefer to pitch up and leave their awning up all day. That means no hassle to take your Camp4 table and chairs with you along with those extra garden toys and furniture items for all the family.

Keep cool in the summer

Drive Away Awnings are a great way of keeping cool in the summer as well as keeping you protected from the sun’s rays. So your shading system can be your very own air conditioner on your camping holiday.

Enhance outdoor living

Awnings are available in a number of styles that can complement any vehicle.  You can really add style to your outdoor living area. Not to mention campervans and motorhomes look great with the added facility.

Drive Away Awning tips


Based on our experience of pitching in the sun, rain and the dark, here’s a few simple tips to get you thinking.

Tip number 1

When thinking about where to pitch your awning consider these few basics. What is the quality of the ground you will pitch on (gravel, hard standing, and fingers crossed that if it’s grass it won’t turn into a grass marsh!). Have you got the right basics to pitch on these different surfaces?

Think of the access you will require when you drive away and return. Before you pitch, consider the space required to be left between you and your neighbour according to the pitching regulation of the campsite.

Tip number 2

To maintain the life of your Drive Away Awnings be sure to clean off any mud on the ground sheet. The moisture in the mud could turn into mould between uses or seasons. An additional ground sheet placed under the Drive Away awning will add insulation and comfort.

Tip number 3

Familiarise yourself with the instruction before you get enveloped in erecting your Drive Away Awnings!  Time invested in understanding the instructions will save you time in the long run. Positioning the poles, support struts and tethering it correctly will give the awning the best chance of staying put when the wind gets up and you’re away.

How to Buy

At The Camperco Shop, we offer free delivery anywhere in the UK on orders over £75 as well as £5 discount on your first order over £50. Next day delivery is also available for orders placed before 2pm. Check out our exclusive range of Reimo Drive-Away Awnings online or visit  for our large range of camping solutions.

Alternatively you can visit the Camperco Shop showrooms nationwide in London, Edinburgh and Belfast or if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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