Camperco's Top 10 Essential Camper Accessories

June 8, 2017, Buying Guides

At Camperco we aim to provide camper solutions to the camper community.

Most camper solutions come in the form of camper accessories, so we have teamed up with some top quality manufacturers to provide you with some of the best practical products on the market.

1. Reimo MultiRail Awning Rail for VW T4/T5/T6 Campervan's

An awning rail is an essential accessory for any campervan, with the Reimo MultiRail which is made specifically for VW T4/T5/T6 campers you get more than just an awning rail. This is an awning rail which also features a gutter rail to help keep channel rain water away from your awning. The Reimo MultiRail is compatible with both Kandor and Figure of 8 connectors. As these rails are specifically designed it means they come complete with moulded colour coded ends that give the rail a smart and stylish factory fit appearance.

2. Froli Universal Rubber Glass and Cup Holder

Simply home comforts such as proper glasses and cups can make your holiday on the road extra special. Froli have a universal glass and cup holder make from rubber to help ensure that your glassware and delft arrives at your destination in one piece. This holder consists of 13 spaces of varying diameters to fit glasses and cups of standard sizes, it even feature extra cut outs to accommodate cup handles.

3. Waeco PerfectCoffee MC 01 Single Cup 12V Portable Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover who likes to entertain while on the road, whether it’s with family or friends, make sure and check out the Waeco PerfectCoffee MC 01. This 12V portable coffee maker can produce 1 cup in just a few minutes.

4. Waeco GasChecker GC100 Gas Level Indicator Sensor Pen

If you are planning on parking up your camper for a few days and you aren’t going to be close to a service station for a while, it’s important to have enough gas to last you while you get the chance to purchase more. The Waeco GasChecker GC100 sensor pen is a simple but effective product. You simply hold the base of the pen to your gas cylinder, if there is gas at that level the pen lights up green, but if there is no gas at the pen lights up red.

5. Waeco MyFridge MF1W Single Bottle 12V Portable Wine Cooler

It is hard to beat a nice chilled bottle of white or rose wine after a hectic day of travelling or sightseeing and with the Waeco MyFridge MF1W you can be rest assured that when the time comes to enjoy your glass of wine this 12V Portable Wine Cooler will have you wine ready and waiting for you.

6. Fiamma Wheel Levellers & Kit Bag

The Fiamma Wheel Levelling Up Kit includes two Fiamma wheel levellers, perfect for keeping your campervan or motorhome levelled on uneven ground and includes a convenient kit bag for storing your levels when not in use. With a maximum axle weight of 5 tons, the wheel levellers are made from sturdy polyethylene, which is rust proof, easy to clean and won’t crack or break like wood.

7. Dometic Wheel Levellers & Kit Bag

Disposal of toilet waste is a factor of camper holidays, with the Dometic toilet tabs you can dispose of solid waste without harming the environment. These light weight, pre-dosed tablets prevent the spread of unpleasant odours, while reliantly breaking down the content of the waste holding tank to facilitate disposal.

8. Meori Storage Organisers

Storage is an important factor for every campervanner, Meori have a great solution for safely holding your food, plates, cups and lots more while on the road. The Meori® storage boxes are weather resistant organisers and come in a large range of colours and sizes. When not in use the Meori organisers fold completely flat.

9. Reimo VW T5/T6 Internal thermal Screens

Whether it’s summer or winter, nights in you camper can get chilly. Thermal mats are a simple way to stop heat escaping from your van while adding extra privacy in the process. These silver screens are made specifically for VW T5/T6 Campers, with 7 layers of internal insulation these thermal screens will give you year around comfort even on the coldest nights.

10. Reimo Fritz Tailgate Cabin tent for VW T4/T5/T6

This budget tent is a practical extension for you VW T4/T5/T6 campervan. It can be used as a shower, changing room, cloak room or storage area for your luggage to create living space within your campervan. The straps fasten easily to the tailgate and lock in place.

These are only ten products from our extensive range of great camper solutions. To keep up to date with product updates join our mailing list and as an introductory offer you will also receive £5 off your next purchase with us.


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